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Hikari's YuGiOh and Yu Yu Hakusho Shrine*

All About Me*

All About Me*
YuGiOh Characters
YYH Characters

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

Well I guess you want to know a little bit about the master behind the computer huh? Well lets see.. I am a fourteen year old girl.  I love music (its my life), anime, drawing, watching tv, playing video games, obsessed with my computer. Im like any normal girl. I just have an obsession.. hehe.  Well im starting highschool this year and im really scared.  My highschool is huge and there is like 1,600 kids or something in there. So yea..

I like rock and a little bit of rap. Not much though. I am on aim constantly. My screen name is: Oox hikari if you feel like talking.  I am very friendly and love to laugh.  Laid back, and a little dis organized.  I hate cleaning!  Then again who doesnt?  I love my family and friends.  I am very loyal and will do anything for people I love.  I am kind of shy, but I am very opinionated.  If I have something to say I usually say it.  I dont like to hurt people's feelings.  I hate when people cry.  I have a strong sense of justice, and I do what I feel is right.  Love to have fun, talk, sing and dance. So yea..
I guess I am somewhat normal n_n

All about me*



Here is me n_n
...yes i know im ugly! x_x

More About Me

Some more stuff about me. If you care to look*

Favorite TV Show: Viva La Bam
Favorite Movie: Phantom Of The Opera
Favorite Music: Greenday, MCR, Yellowcard, Maroon5, Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park.. yea.. stuff like that <33
Favorite Book: I like the Harry Potter Books
Favorite Sports Team: I dont have one. I cheer for those who earn it!
Favorite Food: Mashed Potatoes.. haha
Friends: Mokkie, Hikari, Marik, Yami, Bakura = BF4E! (you guys know who u are haha), Johnny, Sarah dear!, Dan <33
Eye Color: Gray- Blue
Hair Color: Brown w/ Blonde Hilights
Favorite Anime: YYH and YGO
Favorite Season: Winter. Love the snow!

Favorite Quotes

"If you're not a cartoon,
Stove gass will kill you."
Beavis & Butthead (Disclaimer)

Shake: Are you *done*? Because I'm done listening to you. I got a curse for you. It's called tomorrow morning your ass is outta here. [Aqua Teen Hunger Force..another brilliant show! :) ]

I got this music from

I do not own any of the YuGiOh or Yu Yu Hakusho characters. I simply love the show and manga and am a big fan :)