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Hikari's YuGiOh and Yu Yu Hakusho Shrine*

YuYu Hakusho Character Bios

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YuGiOh Characters
YYH Characters

Here are the characters of my favorite anime!! Sadly, cartoon network took it off the air (dang u cartoon network!!) and replaced it with gay kiddy shows. ::sigh:: i still buy the dvds but they are costing me a fortune!! (25$ a dvd!)

Yusuke Urameshi

Fourteen-year-old Yusuke Urameshi is the worst student at Sarayashiki Junior High. He gets terrible grades, skips class as often as possible, and has little respect for authority. On top of that, his coarse language and brash, arrogant manner get him into more altercations than he can count. Fortunately for him, he's good at protecting himself. Really good. In fact, Yusuke has the reputation of being the toughest kid in town. But despite his killer rep, Yusuke is misunderstood. His home life is troubled. He is constantly hounded by his teachers, by his mother, and by fellow students gunning for him... As such, Yusuke is generally pretty miserable. Only after being assigned the job of Spiritual Detective does Yusuke truly begin to find his place in life.
Spirit Skills


- Very similar to the Spirit Gun, the Shotgun fires a spray of Spirit Gun bullets at once.

Spirit Wave Orb

- The Spirit Wave Orb concentrates the energy of the spirit and the body into the smallest possible space creating a power that could easily destroy an entire city block. Genaki worked for years to perfect the technique, which she passed on to Yusuke.
Spirit Items

Spirit Gun

Yusuke’s Spirit Gun channels his Spirit Energy into one small point—his index finger. But the blast leaves Yusuke so drained of power and energy that he must learn to master this ability if he is to use the Spirit Gun more than once a day.

Spirit Wave

- Instead of channeling spirit energy into one small point, the Spirit Wave uses a person’s entire body producing an attack that dwarfs the power released by the Spirit Gun. Yusuke struggled to learn this technique from his teacher, Genkai.

Yusuke pointing his finger.. pull it.. i dare you!

hahah look at his face!

The Infamous Yusuke

he's ready to roll

spirit sword!

sucka just got served! by his sister haha

Kazuma Kuwabara

Kuwabara is Yusuke's chief rival at Sarayashiki Junior High. Like Yusuke, he isn't the greatest student, but he is an excellent fighter. Next to Yusuke he is a formidable adversary. Kuwabara is driven by an unwavering desire to be the best. Adding comic relief to Yu Yu Hakusho, Kuwabara has an affinity for kittens.
Spirit Skills

Spirit Sword Double

- The same technique as the Spirit Sword, but this time Kuwabara summons two equally powerful swords.

Power of Love

- After rescuing Yukina, Kuwabara developed very strong feelings for the Ice Apparition. While on the verge of defeat, Kuwabara spots his love in the amid the crowd giving him renewed strength and energy. He believes that anything can be accomplished with Yukina at his side.
Spirit Skills

Spirit Sword

- Kuwabara can focus his own spirit energy due to his heightened Spirit Awareness into a solid object like a sword. The first of Kuwabara’s special abilities to manifest itself, the Spirit Sword is a weapon with undeniable power.

Spirit Javelin

- The Spirit Javelin is an extension of Kuwabara’s powerful Spirit Sword.

Shuichi Minamino AKA Kurama

Not actually a human, Kurama has lived for over 300 years and possesses the wisdom and knowledge one would expect of someone his age. He is generally soft-spoken, almost eerily calm, even in the face of great adversity. But this calm exterior belies Kurama's incredible strength. He is a powerful, ruthless warrior, with wisdom and experience. As such, he is a formidable opponent to all he battles.
Spirit Skills

Rose Whiplash

- The powerful Rose Whiplash is an attack using the Rose Whip. Kurama moves the whip so rapidly that most can’t see the many deadly slices it makes as it glides through the air.

Yoko Kurama

- Fifteen years before the Dark Tournament, the spirit fox Yoko Kurama was thought to have been killed while escaping from a botched burglary. In desperation he hid himself in the world of the living, using a human body to slowly recover his energy. Kurama reverted to his true form after Ura Urashima unleashed the power of the Idunn Box.
Spirit Items

Rose Whip

- The Rose Whip is a beautiful weapon with a sinister ability. Its thorns can slice through any substance, even stone. The Rose Whip usually has the last word in any battle.

The Death Tree

- Each branch of this tree has a mouth that produces a substance that melts most anything in mere minutes, though it is said the pain will make every second seem like its own eternity.

sigh.. i love kurama ^_^

"Rose Whip!"

Youko and Kurama

Looking out the window like he always does

Hiei and his sword... hiei is so mine! XD

Hiei in action

Hiei Jaganshi

Hiei is a fire apparition whose true origins are unknown. He is a master swordsman, and his strength and speed are incredible. However, these are hardly his most fearsome abilities. Typically kept concealed behind a bandanna on his forehead is the Jagan, a mysterious third eye that possesses magical properties. With it he can control weak-minded humans, send telepathic messages, and move objects telekinetically. Hiei is fiercely independent, and his raw ambition drives him to pursue his own agenda at all times. Although he generally cares little for human life, and views others as mere obstacles in the pursuit of his own goals, Hiei strictly adheres to his own unique code of honor. As such, he helps those who help him, and is fiercely loyal to those who have managed to earn his respect.
Spirit Skills

Dragon of the Darkness Flame

- His most powerful attack, Hiei summons energy from the deepest pits of Spirit World into his arm to create a terrible dragon that destroys everything in its path. Once unleashed Hiei loses control of the beast…which sometimes turns on its master.

Fist of the Mortal Flame

- Similar to the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, the Fist of the Mortal Flame uses Mortal Energy instead of Spirit Energy rendering it much less potent.
Spirit Items

Shadow Sword

- The Shadow Sword transforms any human its blade cuts into a zombie-like creature. Only the secret held within the sword can revert the victim to his or her normal self.

Sword of the Darkness Flame

- By harnessing the power of the Darkness Flame into an object outside his body, Hiei is able to create this powerful weapon, which is much more controllable, yet much less powerful than the Dragon of the same name.

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