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Some Quotes I have stumbled on..

Here are some of the many quotes i have found during my day to day computer usage. Hope you like them. Oh, and if you have any you would like to add i would greatly appriciate it. Email me!  [email will be at the bottom of the page..]

YuGiOh Quotes!

Joey: "Me and Yugi are gonna clean your clocks."

Joey: "Oh man, I just got a killer idea."

Duke:"Do you know what your problem is, Tristan? You're afraid. Afraid that Serenity might like me instead of liking you."

Tristan: "Aww...isn't he cute when he's thinking?"

Tristan: "Drooley monsters?"
Joey: "Duel monsters, you Nimrod!"

Duke:"Oho! It seems like Lady Luck has the hots for old Duke Devlin, like everyone else. I mean, what is that? Four summons in a row?"

"Looks like Another attack that Duke conveniently forgot to mention."

Tristan:"You don't know how hard it is to find this kind of cheese!"

Duke:"Thanks ladies, you're beautiful."

"I'll ask Serenity if she wants to check out the romantic view with me! Yeaaaah..."
Duke:"'Scuse me! *shoves Tristan* Hey, Serenity, wanna check out the view?"
"Oh, sure!"
Tristan:"That was my line! COME. ON!"

"Oh, don't worry about it! It'll give me and Duke here, something to do!"
(haha... thats such a yoai hint right there hahaha)

Duke:*holding Serenity's hands together* Perfect! Serenity and I can look upstairs!
Serenity:*chuckles nervously*
I dont see a thing up here. Lets move on."
Tristan:"Why dont you stop complaning and chech in that corner."
Duke:"Theres nothing up here but hot air, and all of its coming from you Tristian, so lay off."
Tristan:"Listen lover-boy, you've been a pain in my neck ever since the day we ran into you. Its time for you to chill out and remember why we're here, ok!"
"Whats that suppose to mean, tough guy?"
"I'm telling you to lay off Serenity, Devlin, give the girl some space."
"Do you know what your problem is, Tristan? Your afraid. Afraid that Serenity might like me instead of liking you."
Tristan:"Huh, no I'm not."
"Its not my fault, the ladies cant resist Duke Devlin. I guess I could turn the charm down."
Tristan:"Dont push me!"
"But what do you expect your not even a duelist. Just some wanna be cheerleader, whos always yelling from the sidelines,'GO YUGI, GO JOEY', its really kind of pathetic. Girls dig men of action, and, you well, your no man of action.
"What! I'll show you action!"
Duke:"So, lets go."

Seto: "Senile, old fool."

Grandpa: "You do know what a trap card is, don't you?"
Joey: "uh...kinda...uh...I have no idea."

Joey: "Please...crush me."

Anzu: "We're in the middle of nowhere, Lame-Brain! If you could just try and act normal, we'll be okay."

Joey: "Squash that little twerp like a mosquito!"

Duke:"Ok ladies, let's get this party started."

Joey: "Don't waste your breath on this sneaky slug. He's a duel in disgrace. And I hearby relieve him of his dueling gauntlet."

Pegasus: "Hello, Kaiba-Boy."

Joey: "And their's the sleezy low-life that shipped them out!"

Joey: "Well, we're here. Where's antenna head?"

Ghost of Seto: "Yes Yugi. It's me, Kaiba. And this time you don't stand a ghost of a chance."

Joey: "Do you really think I'm stupid enough to fall for that?"
Marik: "Yes."

"The light only masks the darkness For the darkness is forever present Watching, waiting, planning for its vengance, Always eager to smother the light which locked it away And no matter how strong the light is The darkness always returns, stronger than ever And once it is there, the chances of sending it back are slim For it grows wiser each time it is banished That is why when I return, you will have absolute hell to pay For I AM THE DARKNESS"
-Yami Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!)



Yu Yu Hakusho Quotes!


Kuwabara: "I have the feeling that I'll win!"
Hiei: "And I have the feeling that you'll die..."

Hiei: "You're very lucky, 'cause you'll be the first youkai who will perish under my black dragon wave!"

Hiei: "Being lucky seems to be your greatest tactic."
(talking to Kuwabara, of course...)

Hiei: "I haven't asked for your name yet. Tell me, I'll remember..."
Kurama: "My name is Kurama."

Kurama: "Thank you for your offer, but I'm really not interested in that kind of things…"
(this happens after Hiei gave him his Ice Tear Gem. Kurama is teasing him and explains he's not gay, although he knows that Hiei just wants him to return the Gem to Yukina.)

Kurama: "Can you end this game?"
Tsukihito: "No, that's impossible. I only can do so if I'm not one of the involved characters."
Kurama: "But I've never intended to lose to you…"

Urameshi: "Kurama, how are you doing?"
Kurama: "I'm fine, almost recovered entirely, tomorrow I'll be on 100%."
Hiei: "Yeah, right, stubbornness..."
Kurama: "Well, I'm no match for you in the category of stubbornness…"

Urameshi: "I don't care whether that hole to Makai is gonna open or not anymore. All I want to do is to fight you."

Urameshi: "Keiko, I love you very much."

Urameshi: "You think you can predict what my next move is?! Look at this, I dare to swear you didn't expect this one coming: men's 100m swimming freestyle!!"

Urameshi: "What?! Do you play video games?"
Genkai: "What were you thinking I was doing with all that free time?"

Urameshi: "I won't forgive you, Toguro!!"

Hiei:What is that ridiculus appendix growing out of your head?

Kuwabara:Who the Hell is this?Isn't he being awfully rude for someone so short?

"From what I heard in social studies its called democracy and it's all the rage back home. Except we'll cast our votes with fists"
--Yusuke Urameshi (Yu Yu hakusho)

Botan: (about Puu, who is sitting on Yuusuke's head) "Look, Yuusuke, he's got your hair!"
Yuusuke: "I'll say he's got my hair! He's got it right between his stinkin' toes and he ain't lettin' go! He better not leave me any sprit surprises!”

Genkai: "Oh shit, I forgot to look how beautiful he is..."

Genkai: "Any enemy stupid enough to tell you what his secret technique is should die shamefully, you fool!!"

Genkai: "I'm not a fighter of good. It's just that I hate people who are bad."

Genkai: "I can't use my ki, so I borrowed some of yours. "

Itsuki: "This person called Kurama has a very pure but also sharp look in his eyes, I think he's trained very well and has done it for a very long time.... Sadao's childish tricks wouldn't stand a chance against him..."
(Itsuki's reaction after Kurama easily defeated Toguro with the Tree of Hallucinations.)

Sensui: "We'll dig a grave for all humans... By the powers of the seven of us."

Kuwabara: "Please don't hate all human..."
(to Yukina, who had been tortured by humans)


  • Today did start off different. I went to school. - ep 1
  • You shouldn`t talk, it makes you sound stupid. - ep 1
  • Hey Kuwabara, your conscious. I`m not used to that. - ep 1
  • Geez, doesn`t this guy have a life besides tormenting kids? - ep 3
  • Whatd`ya know, Kuwabara is stupider than I am. - ep 3


  • No, it sounded more like a puny low level ghost like a haunted racoon or something. - ep 2


  • "What irony. Such beauty, sprung from such an ugly soil." -Kurama, after the death seed sprouts and its flowers bloom out of Roto.
  • "Don't worry. I have no intention of fighting you, nor do I intend to flee. In fact, I'd come to ask you a favor."
  • "It seems you could need some help."
  • "Any prize that is worth having requires risk."
  • "The ceiling is falling!"
  • "Ever since the barrier wall was raised around the city, Spirit World Intelligence virtually forgot that this place ever existed."
  • "It's ill-advised for all of us to fight without knowing his ablities and special powers first."
  • "I found you because -- well, let's put it this way: I filled the room with sweet aroma. When I detected your putrid odor, I navigated exactly where you are."
  • "Tired hands are better than none."


  • "Their mistakes were simple ones. Gouki's was over-confidence and Kurama's sympathy for his human prey. I certainly won't make the same mistakes. My plan was too good for that. It's better this way. The other two wouldn't have the courage to use the weapons as they're intended. I will. But first, I must kill Yusuke Urameshi."
  • "You may have her body but her future is still mine. See, I've struck her with the Shadow Sword." [refering to when he slashed Kayko with the shadow sword]
  • "You're a team-player. A save-the-day-super-hero. I hate people like you."
  • "Actually, I'm bored"
  • "Maybe you don't understand the concept of a force field."
  • "Kurama, don't make me rip out that precious voice box"
  • "It looks like they've stolen my idea. They're going to have to pay very dearly for that."
    *Kuwabara is talking to himself*
    "What are you mumbling?" - Kurama
    "He's trying to talk in his sleep when he's awake."
  • *ship rumbles*
    "Ah! Earthquake!" -Kuwabara
    "Fool! There can't be earthquakes on the water!"
  • Hiei: it's over, you ugly old fool!"They're just afraid of justice!"
  • "'Helping' is not the key word. The right word is 'baby-sitting'."


  • Bingo! - ep 1
  • I believe in your culture they also call me the grim reaper. - ep 1
  • Here`s my impression of Yusuke. Look at me, I`m burning. - ep 2


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