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Hikari's YuGiOh and Yu Yu Hakusho Shrine*

All About Me*
YuGiOh Characters
YYH Characters
Welcome To My Fan Site!

Well i've always wanted to build a website.. so i figured.. why not do it on my two favorite animes?

This site is pretty much dedicated to my obsessive-ness. Haha yes. I guess you can say I am obsessed with getting pictures and reading fanfics about YuYu Hakusho and YuGiOh. I read the mangas, I search for photos. What else would you call it?  I have a bunch of pictures already and I wanted to share them with you. I hope you enjoy them ^_^

This site has pictures, character bios from both shows, and maybe even some stories if your lucky. Im trying to get as much quotes as i can.. but sometimes my computer sucks!
--Oh yea and all of the pages have music on them.
you might have to refresh to get the music going
i dont know whats up with that but what can you do?-- 

Updates And Such*

Here i'll tell you whats new and whats I have added to the site

9/01- i just added a guestbook. would you be so kind and sign it for me? thanks so much ^^
8/31 - the site is looking pretty good. i updated everything except the fanfics. i just have to do some surfing on quizilla. then you'll see some good stories on there!
8/30 - I just started building the site.. so its definatly going to suck for a while.





Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.


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I do not own any of the YuGiOh or Yu Yu Hakusho characters. I simply love the show and manga and am a big fan :)